Friday, February 5, 2010

New toys, bloody chickens, and Big Fat Snowflakes...

I never in a million years thought I'd be so excited about a new wheel barrow.  I'm thinking of a hundred ways I'm going to use it as soon as spring comes.  Meanwhile, the kids discovered use #1 this morning...


 But, first let's back up 30 minutes or so when they both come running in the house holding chickens.  Apparently, there was some pecking during the night because some of the girls have blood on their necks(or maybe Fred is getting a little rough with his affections).  

I'm not real crazy about chickens in the house, so we rushed outside to investigate.  Everyone looks like they are going to make it, so all is good.   They look happy  that the snow is starting to melt so they can scratch around in the grass again. 

We have a nice, dry barn.  Why do horses stand out in the snow and rain all night and look like drowned rats in the morning?

As soon as we went back inside, the biggest, fattest snowflakes started falling.  Sorry my little chickens, hurry and enjoy the grass while you can. 


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