Friday, March 26, 2010

An Amazing Day

We did it! We successfully created a real live baby chick from an egg. Well, we didn't actually do anything but provide the right atmosphere. Nature did all the work. We started with 11 eggs in the incubator. Even though only 1 hatched, I consider the hatch a success! It was our first time and we learned so much.

Watching, for the first time, a tiny chick peck it's way out of a tiny egg was truly amazing and will be a memory forever etched in our hearts.

Are you ready to meet "Lucky"?

Can you see the tiny crack at the top left of the X?

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She is all dry and fluffy now and happy and warm in her brooder. Now if I can only get the kids to leave her in there long enough to stay warm, we'll be okay!

We're starting 12 more today. Hopefully, we can get her some friends!

I'll post the step by step homemade incubator instructions soon!

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