Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Spring!

Last week Spring gave us a little sneak peek at what we've been missing all Winter.  It was beautiful and wonderful!  Unfortunately, when we welcomed the first day of Spring 2010 on Saturday, it looked like this outside:

Last week:


At least we got a little reminder last week of what it feels like to not be freezing all the time.  And I really mean ALL THE TIME, except when I'm standing right next to the wood stove, but I can't really stand next to the wood stove all the time.  I've realized now, living in this old country farm house, how spoiled and out of touch with nature I was in the city.  Sure, it was nice having a house that stayed a constant 70 degrees every day of the year and never having to go outside when it was below freezing.  All in all, I definitely prefer roughing it out here where we have to go outside everyday, even if the wind chill is 20 below, because there are animals out there who depend on us.  I really don't mind heating with wood only.  It promotes togetherness when only one room in the house is warm.  The biggest downside is the freezing cold bathrooms.  When Spring finally feels like Spring, I will definitely enjoy and appreciate every minute of it!

She wasn't impressed with the first day of Spring either.  Poor girl, she was brave enough to try to go outside the coop, but got a surprise when she stepped on the ice/slush/snow!

These were the only ones that braved the elements for a moment this weekend.  They stayed outside a whole 2 minutes trying to figure out where Spring was.

P.S.  We are keeping a close eye on the incubating eggs!  They are supposed to start hatching soon.  I hope I have some good news for my next post.

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