Saturday, April 10, 2010

Elvis is in the building

We met a new friend yesterday.  Well, Reece did.  He nearly fell on this big guy while playing baseball in the pasture.  He was hanging out in our yard about 20 feet from the garden.   

Apparently, he liked us so much he came back again today.  We always take opportunities like this and have impromptu science lessons.  We think this is a Prairie King snake, which is a great snake to have around.  Apparently, they eat venomous snakes and play an important role in curbing the rodent pest population.  If I am wrong about this and he is not a king snake, please tell me so I can go kill it.

Dad affectionately named him Elvis, the King.

He was a really long snake.

I don't know if this city girl will ever get used to seeing snakes in the yard.

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