Thursday, April 29, 2010

KinderGardens contest!

There's a cool contest going on over at a great blog that I read called The Inadvertent Farmer.  It has me totally inspired to do all sorts of cool things in the garden.  This week, we're supposed to brainstorm with kids and find out what they would like to do in the garden and then share our plans.   Being extremely new to the whole gardening scene, I had no ideas.  I started reading about other people's plans, and I found this picture on another blog:

I showed it to the kids and after they picked their jaws up off the floor, we started looking for more pictures of this super cool idea.  They had no idea anything like this was possible with plants.

They started getting so excited and immediately began making plans about how big it needed to be and imagining maybe even getting to sleep there.

We ordered some books from the library to further feed the imaginations.

We even found a picture book about a Sunflower House.

We went and bought the seeds for the Mammoth Sunflower Seeds and several different varieties of Morning Glories.

They can't wait to start digging.  Now we just need to find the perfect spot!


  1. I just found this book at the library, too! Oh how I love the thought of playhouses made from plants! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

  2. That is such a great idea! My kids and I are still trying to come up with something fun. So far a bean pole Teepee is all we've come up with. We have sunflower seeds but no real great place to plant more than just a row or they'll block the sun to the rest of the garden. I love your idea!

  3. LOL...I just ordered those exact two books from Amazon this morning! I am so glad your kids are so excited...thanks for linking!

    Can't wait to see your sunflower house...Kim

  4. Mammoth sunflowers are so perfect---and if they seem tall to us, they'll seem skyscraperish to children. Great idea!

  5. We planted a sunflower house for our little guy! It was so I have to say that it didnt not turn out nearly as lush as the one you showed. Our soil was so full of clay at the was awful. But none the less he loved going in and out of there. Great fun.