Monday, May 10, 2010

Gardening update

We had our first ever garden fresh (out of my own garden) salad!!   You have no idea how exciting this is considering how last year my entire harvest was 11 tiny tomatoes, 6 green beans, and 2 mini cucumbers.  I'm not kidding.  It was that bad.  With the help of The Vegetable Gardener's Bible and numerous other books,  I AM going to do much better this year.

I present to you my lettuce.  We are very proud of it.  It was wonderful. 

We are still working on getting the weeds out of the garden area.  It was tilled what seems like forever ago because the weeds where I haven't gotten to have grown to 2 feet high.  I am getting a tiller for Mother's Day!  Yes, I know.  One should never ask for something like this for Mother's Day, but I really want one.  It will make my life so much easier.

They have been working so hard.

This is the "I'm tired and hungry, Can I stop now MOM?" look.

Reece tried his best to save every worm that got pulled out with the weeds.

 We brought the babies outside for a little playtime in the grass.  They loved the dirt.

We gave them a worm.  They had no idea what to do with it.  Poor chickens.  They are treated like babies in the house.  I hope they can figure out how to be chickens when they get put outside.

We usually have an audience when we work outside.  Our next door neighbors have cows.  They like to hang out by our fence because it's the only shade in their pasture.  My little one has started naming them all.

We are adding topsoil and horse poop to the dirt trying to make the hard, clay soil better.

Here is one almost finished row:

Straight rows are only for OCD people, right?

Getting to play with the water hose always perks them up!

Reece took a break and asked to use my camera to walk around and take pictures.  This is what he came back with:

I think he may be a better photographer than I am.

Since we are so behind with preparing the soil for planting, I let them start the Sunflower and Morning Glory seeds for their playhouse.  Hopefully, when I get my tiller and we can get the ground ready, the flowers will have a little head start.

One last thing I wanted to share:

Isn't my Mother's Day Bouquet beautiful!!


  1. I love looking a pictures kids take! They see the world in such different ways :)

  2. Oh I love the fact that you agree with me on straight rows, lol! Tell you kid he is great photographer...seriously those are great!

    Great, great post! Kim

  3. I know how you feel when you say how exciting your homegrown veggies make you. There is an unusually satisfaction that comes with eating something that you grew yourself. Most people think I am crazy when I get all excited over my vegatables. Well not my farmer friends but most people that don't have a garden. Cute post, Amy

  4. The straight row is gorgeous and I love the baby chicks!