Monday, May 24, 2010

KinderGardens update - Woo Hoo! We have Poo!

I have a friend who works on a horse ranch.  He brought me a truck load of poo yesterday!  I'm so excited.  Yes, I'm excited about a truckload of poo.  Don't say a word.  Just let me be happy about my poo, okay?  Thank you very much for understanding.

I was not expecting a truck of this gigantic size to pull up at my house.

He really knows how to deliver poo!

My kids loved watching the big truck dump out the poo.

If anyone around here needs poo, I know the guy to call!

Climbing poo mountain was lots of fun.

Who knew that a mountain of poo would make them so happy?

and excited!!

Perhaps it's because they know we can get started on their sunflower house soon!

Their seedlings are getting huge!

 Now maybe we can actually get stuff to grow in our pitiful, rocky, clay soil.

Oh, and I got a new tiller!  It's little, but awesome and powerful, and I can do it myself.  We have lots of work to do this week!

Happy Gardening!!


  1. That is one BIG pile of poo! What fun...Kim

  2. What a GREAT blog! And quite honestly...I'm a bit jealous of your poo. (Is that ok to say???)

  3. Wow, that is alot of poop! I guess it wasn't too smelly since they scaled it.