Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Perfect Weekend

I try really hard not to be one of those moms who constantly brags about her kids.  You know the ones.  They constantly have to "one up" everything you say.  Well, that's not me.

However, I can't let this past weekend go by without acknowedgement.   Afterall, this blog is really for my kids to look back on later and remember all the cool stuff we did.  You see, I'm printing out each blog post and making a binder for them to keep forever. 

Anyway, back to the subject at hand.  This weekend.  This perfect weekend.

You remember the little boy I talked about a few post ago?  The one who loves baseball more than life itself?  The one who plays ball all the time, even in his dreams?

Well, this weekend that little boy played his first "big boy" competitive baseball tournament and his team won 1st place.

That's him, on the left.  Can you see how big his smile is? 

I can and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

These boys worked so hard.  It is so nice to be on a team full of boys just like my son.  They all eat, breath, and sleep baseball.  They all want to be there.  They all play hard.  They all love baseball.

They all deserved this!

It wasn't a perfect weekend just because they walked away with the big trophy.

It was a perfect weekend because we had fun doing what we love to do.  We spent the weekend with a bunch of awesome families, not just playing baseball, but picnicing and swimming and watching our boys have the time of their lives.

My little quiet, reserved boy...

had the time of his life...

and so did his sister...

(That's her upside down)

and so did their momma and daddy.

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