Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cast of Characters-Part 1

Every good story starts with thorough character development.  I really wanted to start with the chickens, but I should probably start with our main characters.  In our human family, we have a mom, dad, big brother, and little sister. 
I'm mom, of course and you can read about me over there on the side of the page.  Ten glorious years ago, I married dad.  Dad is the best, funnest, sweetest, most devoted dad in the whole world.  If I could have dreamed up the most perfect father for my children, he would have paled in comparison to Dad.  Unfortunately, Dad has go to an 8 to 5 job in the city, so he doesn't get to enjoy the farm as much as we do.  Somehow though, he has hardly missed anything in either kid's life, no matter how small.  Dad is doing a great job wearing many hats: husband, father, sole-provider, protector, playmate, wood-chopper, tractor driver, etc...
 Our family was made perfect by the addition of 9-year-old big brother and 6 1/2-year-old little sister.  Just recently, she has started insisting that 1/2 HAS to be added.  Don't know where that came from or why she is in such a hurry to be 7.  Little sister, Peyton, as you may have guessed is a little firecracker.  She always has been, since the day she was born.  (She's just like her daddy.) Her favorite things are eating, animals, and drawing (in that order).  Big brother, Reece, is just like his mom.  He's quiet, sensitive, and reserved.  His favorite things are playing sports, animals, reading, and drawing.

Stay tuned for the introduction of the animal members of our family.  At last count, I'm feeding a total of 28 mouths every day.  Four down, twenty-four to go.  This might take a while!

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  1. Yall are a real inspiration U talk the talk and walk the walk Im truly envious and cant wait to visit I hope 2010 is a productive and happy time for your family WHO DAT NATION!!! give Chris a big hug 4 me chat ya later