Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Much Fun

We got our second good snow of the season and everyone is loving it.  It measures 10 inches in some places!
Last night we woke up to horrible wailing noises from somewhere outside.  We're guessing it was coyotes. It was a horrible howling/screaming sound.  It also sounded way too close for comfort!  This morning we went walking around to investigate and look for tracks.  Just as we started looking, Buddy caught the scent of a rabbit.

Unfortunately for him, it got away when his back was turned.

We continued on with our mission to find the coyote tracks.

We found numerous tracks, but the snow is so deep, it's hard to tell what made them.

The tracks that closest resemble coyote tracks were circling the chicken coop.  Good thing the girls were all locked up tight!

Here are a few pictures I took on our hike that I think are pretty cool.


Back at the house, we finished up the daily chores.  The girls love the new (expensive) alfalfa hay. 


The chickens said, "No thanks, we are NOT going out there today."

I got a surprise when I opened the nest boxes.  I wasn't quick enough with the camera, but she was curled up in a next box.  I guess she got locked in there last night and had a nice warm spot to sleep in all night. 


Just another morning on our farm...

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  1. You take nice photos as well as being a "fun to read" writer. Watching this blog everyday!