Monday, January 25, 2010

I have a blog!

Well, I did it.  After years of saying to myself, "I really should start a blog", here it is finally.  At first, I just wanted a record of our homeschooling years.  However, since we moved to the country searching for simplicity, life is ironically much more interesting!

Since we have moved to the farm, there have been so many moments that have been worthy of writing about-like when Reece ran in the house screaming when he found a mouse in the chicken feed or Peyton's face every time she finds a new stray cat.  The latter has been happening way to frequently by the way!  Moments like my "city" husband's first time on a tractor and cutting down his first tree or the first log my 9 year old boy split all by himself keep passing by with no record of it and that makes me sad.

As we learn the "ins and outs" of country living, we are getting the education of a lifetime, and I want to write about it!  I want to look back and remember our lives and everything we are striving to accomplish.  I want to share our story with everybody as we take our first steps and falls towards the self-sufficient life we've been dreaming about for so long.  We have jumped in head first and now have to learn to swim!


  1. Great blog! I never got to meet you but heard about you and your family from Chris. This is Doug Parks, I worked in the St Louis office. Tell Chris hey for me! He can yahoo me at dlparks_2005 or email me at

    Keep on and I hope you all do well!

    btw, if you need more animals I think my aunt is looking for a good home for some she has. :)