Friday, July 30, 2010

A Baseball Mom List: You know your kid plays a LOT of baseball WHEN...

1.  When you clean the lint compartment out in your dryer, it contains more sunflower seed shells than lint.

2.  You buy Super Bubble, Blow pops, and sunflower seeds by the case because it's cheaper.

3.  Shout and Oxiclean are on the grocery list every week.

4.  Dinner is served around 10:30 PM on weeknights.

5.  Find the missing sock, hat, or athletic supporter is a fun family activity played daily .

6.  You are wonderfully tan between your flip flop straps and your shorts..

7.   There is no room for groceries in the back of your SUV.

8.   Nearly everyone at the ballpark knows your kid by name.

9.  You have your own parking space at all the fields (just kidding on that one, but wouldn't that be great?)

10.  You know it's all worth it when you see the huge smile on that little face after every game and during the ride home, your normally quiet little boy talks non-stop reliving every hit and every play. 


I LOVE Baseball Season.  It's going by way too fast!

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  1. Ohhh I remember those days! Especially the dinner so late. Dinner when hubby and boys would discuss every detail of the seeing each game twice!

    Now it is little girl's soccer...much less intense since she really only plays to be with her friends. She doesn't even know who wins...and doesn't care!

    You should link this to Summer's Simple Things...there is nothing that says 'summer' like baseball! Kim