Thursday, July 1, 2010

Finally! A Garden Update

I haven't done a garden update in a while.  I've been too busy working in the garden to sit down and write about it! 

So far, it is my best attempt at a garden ever!  Everything is looking great!  I got a late start on everything because I didn't get my tiller until the end of May, but I've got everything planted now.

The 27 tomato plants all look super happy!  I started all but one from seed.  I usually kill all my seedlings so this is a major feat for me.

I'm so excited to see these cute little things...

We have a pepper!

and several Zucchini...

We've already had fresh green beans for dinner.

I think these are some sort of radish but I'm not postive, since they look nothing like the radishs growing next door.  Whatever it is, it's growing like crazy!

There's a monster radish growing and we've decided to leave it be and see how big it gets!

Well, everything looks great except my poor munched up Kohlrabi.

They run outside every morning to see what is new.

And get so excited when they find one of these:

or one of these:

For a kid who doesn't even like onions, I was shocked when he took a nibble and said "mmm good".   I guess anything tastes better when you grow it yourself!


  1. What a fun post! My kids like onions and chives but only from our garden. You need to take a photo when that radish is done growing and let us all see how big it gets!

    congrats on such great tomatoes...Kim

  2. If you let the radish go to seed it will bloom all summer and then in the fall when the plant dries up and dies pull the whole thing up and store it somewhere dry until you want to harvest the seed. You'll have hundreds and then you can plant them next year! (That is, if they aren't a hybrid seed, check the seed packet)

    The kids will love doing that!